ABArchitecture Building
ABAAGArchitectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines
ABAASArchitectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards
ABACUSArchitecture Based Analysis Communication and Understanding of Systems
ABCDAnalysis of Building Climatic Data
ABDSArchitectural Building Design Services
ABHArchitectural Builders Hardware
ABIAt Bit Inclination
ABIArchitecture Billings Index
ABRIArchitecture and Building Research Institute
ABTAAbsolute Background Textures Archive
ABWFArchitectural Builders Works and Finishes
ACAlternating Current
ACAGAdvanced Computer Architecture Group
ACAIArchitecture Commune des Applications Informatiques
ACBActive Chilled Beam
ACCArchitectural Control Committee
ACDMArchitecture centric design method
ACDMArchitecture Centric Development Method