Abbreviation Definition
AWVPAtmospheric water vapour processing
BASINBiosphere Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network
BATSBiosphere Atmosphere Transfer Scheme
BTABombing The Atmosphere
CACTUSConverted Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Using Solar
CAKControlled Atmosphere Killing
CAMSCopernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service
CASACollaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere
CASIMCometary Atmosphere Simulator
CCUSCarbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage
CCUSCarbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage
CECCarbon Emission Characteristics
CGAMCentre for Global Atmospheric Modelling
CIRACOSPAR International Reference Atmosphere
CMMAPCenter for multiscale modeling of Atmospheric processes
COADSComprehensive Ocean and Atmospheric Data Set
COARECoupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment
COARTCoupled Ocean and Atmosphere Radiative Transfer
COLACentre of Ocean Land Atmosphere
DAPDiminish the Air Pollution

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