CAPSCCourse Audit Program for Senior Citizens
CAROICooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative
CDAMContracted District Audit Manual
CFIACompetency Framework for Internal Auditing
CHAICommission for Healthcare Audit and Inspections
CHASMCollaborating Hospitals Audit of Surgical Mortality
CIAGCorporate Internal Audit Group
CIASPCenter for Internal Audit Services Philippines
CODAChange of Degree Audit
COPIACode Of Practice for Institutional Audit
CRMComplaints Response Mechanism
CTFClient Testing Facilities
CWADCommon Workflow Audit Data
DAADesignated Audit Agency
DAAFDegree Audit Application Form
DARSDegree Audit Reporting System
DARSDegree Audit And Registration System
DARSDegree Audit Report System
DARSDarsdegree Audit Reporting System
DARSDitdegree Audit Reporting System