Abbreviation Definition
AFDDAeronautical Flight Dynamics Directorate
AFECAir Force Enterprise Contracted
AFECMOAir Force Enterprise Configuration Management Office
AFEKMSAir Force Electronic Key Management System
AFERSAir Force Edit and Routing System
AFESRAir Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon
AFETSAir Force Engineering and Technical Services
AFFSAAir Force Flight Standards Agency
AFFSCAir Force Financial Services Center
AFFTAir Force Flight Test
AFGMAir Force Guidance Memorandum
AFICSAir Force Installation Command Systems
AFINAir Force Information Network
AFJMAir Force Joint Manual
AFLCMCAir Force Life-Cycle Management Center
AFLIRAdvanced Forward Looking Infra-Red
AFLRAir Force Law Review
AFMISAir Force Management Information System
AFMSAir Force Medical Services
AFNSEPOAir Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Office

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