Abbreviation Definition
AATAnimal Assisted Therapy
AATOAnimals Against The Odds
AATTAnimal Assisted Therapy Team
AAVAAnimal Aid for Vermilion Area
AAVAAnimal Aid Vermilion Area
AAWSAvoyelles Animal Welfare Society
ABAAAssociation for Animal Welfare
ABDGAnimal Behavior Discussion Group
ABEAmerican Bald Eagle
ABECAnimal Behavior Ecology and Conservation
ABPRAnimal By-Products Regulations
ABRGAnimal Behavior Research Group
ABRGAnimal Behaviour Research Group
ABRIAnimal Behavior Resources Institute
ABSTAnimal Behavior Science and Technology
ABUSEAbuse; abusive; when a human is harming an animal or fellow human for unspecified reasons.
ABWGAnimal Behavior and Welfare Group
ABWGAnimal Biotechnology Working Group
ACAABAssociate Certificate Applied Animal Behaviorist
ACAABAssociate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
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