Abbreviation Definition
ACAABAssociate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
ACABAAthens County Area Beekeepers Association
ACAFAnimal Care and Assistance Fund
ACAPAnimal Care Assistance Program
ACARTAmador County Animal Response Team
ACATTAustralian College of Animal Tactile Therapy
ACBSAnimal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
ACCAnimal Care Centers
ACCAnimal Control Center
ACCAnimal Crossing Community
ACCDAnimal Care Control Division
ACCFAnimal Crossing City Folk
ACCTAnimal Care Control Team
ACEFAnimal Cruelty Exposure Fund
ACFAnimal Component Free
ACFCAnimal Care and Facilities Committee
ACFPAnimal Component Free Process
ACNLAnimal Crossing New Leaf
ACPSAnimal Care and Protective Services
ACPUAnimal Cruelty Prosecution Unit
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