Abbreviation Definition
AACCCAlberta Aboriginal Construction Career Centre
AACCCAlberta Aboriginal Construction Careers Centres
AACEAcademic Advising and Career Education
AACSCAccreditation Alliance of Career Schools and Colleges
AACTAcademy of Arts Careers and Technology
AACTAcademy of Arts, Careers and Technology
AACTSAcademic Advising Career and Transfer Services
AACWAfrican American Career World
AARCAdvancing Academic Research Careers
AASWArmenian Association of Social Workers
AASWAustralia Association of Social Workers
AASWAustralian Association of Social Workers
AAWBAfrican Association of Workers for the Blind
AAWBAmerican Association of Workers for the Blind
AAWBAustralian Association of Workers for the Blind
ABBREVIATIONAlec Baldwin Brings Rihanna East Via Illinois At Twelve In Oblong Nitro
ABCCAcademic Biomedical Career Customization
ACACAcademic and Career Advisement Center
ACACAcademic and Career Advising Center
ACAPAcademic and Career Achievement

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